Stephany Lowe

Stephany Lowe

Science enthusiast, writer, producer, and podcaster, freelance, Oceanside, Calif.

Stephany Lowe is on a mission to make science a daily conversation. Based in Oceanside, Calif., she hosts and produces “The Dope Science Show” podcast. During her late twenties, Stephany decided to step out of her comfort zone and joined an apprenticeship program to study nuclear plant operations. Although she never actually worked in a nuclear power plant, she discovered there that she loved science and sharing science with others. In her podcast, Stephany regularly interviews guests from all walks of life about their passions for science, including artists, students, writers, rappers, filmmakers, doctors, and of course, scientists. The podcast allows her to be creative and share her excitement about science with her audience. Stephany is known for making the process of understanding complex science easy and incredibly fun. She has an engaging and casual longform interview style that brings out the personalities of her guests.

Twitter: @dopescienceshow


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