Rick Wessels

Rick Wessels

Remote sensing geophysicist, Volcano Disaster Assistance Program, U.S. Geological Survey

Rick Wessels leads the volcano remote sensing team for the Volcano Disaster Assistance Program (VDAP) which is cofunded by the USGS and the Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance. VDAP responds to volcano crises in Latin America, Southeast Asia, and Africa through both local and remote interactions with in-country volcano observatories. Wessels also leads the high-resolution remote sensing responses to U.S. volcanoes with his team at the USGS National Civil Applications Center (NCAC) in Reston, Va. He and his team monitor over 150 volcanoes around the globe using satellite remote sensing. Wessels and the NCAC team have been heavily involved in daily monitoring and mapping of the changes at the ongoing Kilauea Volcano eruption.


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