Janali Thompson

Janali Thompson

Senior digital advertising associate, American Chemical Society, external affairs and communications, Washington, D.C.

Janali Thompson is the senior digital advertising associate for the American Chemical Society, producing promotional, scientific videos and live streaming press conferences at ACS National Meeting conferences. He also distributes some of web content for the “ACS Headline Science and Reactions” video series. In the past, he helped produce a number of older ACS video series such as “Bytesize Science,” “Prized Science,” “Publishing Your Research 101,” “Chemistry Over Coffee” and the “Voices of Inorganic Chemistry” series, just to name a few. Though he's not a scientist, he's learned a little bit of chemistry to communicate it visually. Because he is part of the Office of External Affairs and Communications (EAC), his mission is to help chemists and many diverse scientific programs communicate their message to the general public. Although there is a high importance to communicate scientific information with accuracy, he believes it is equally important to communicate the relevancy of the science to inspire future chemists, foster innovation and collaborations that will move the field forward.


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