Shannon Odell

Shannon Odell

Ph.D. candidate in neuroscience, Weill Cornell Medicine + “Your Brain On Blank” + “Drunk Science” + The Science Channel, New York, N.Y.

Shannon Odell is a Brooklyn-based writer, comedian and scientist. She co-hosts and produces "Drunk Science," an experimental comedy show deemed "a stroke of genius" by Gothamist and a finalist in TruTV's comedy break out initiative. She co-created, writes and stars in the Inverse original series "Your Brain on Blank," where she explains the science behind how everything — from alcohol to caffeine to puppies — affects the brain. She can be seen on The Science Channel where she acts as a regular science correspondent for the show "What on Earth!" She performs monthly with her improv group MOOF at the UCB theater. She can also be seen at Weill Cornell Medicine, where she is a neuroscience Ph.D. candidate studying epigenetics and memory.

Twitter: @shodell