Heather Mccune Bruhn

Heather Mccune Bruhn

Penn State

Heather McCune Bruhn is an Assistant Teaching Professor of Art History at Penn State University. She began her academic career studying both art history and printmaking before pursuing a master's and PhD in art history at Penn State. Her experience as a studio artist informs her interest in materials and process, both of which are explored in her dissertation on late gothic monstrances in the Rhineland, along with issues of finance, patronage and liturgy.

Her most recent project has been the development of a new interdisciplinary course at Penn State (with Maureen Feineman in Geosciences), called "Rocks, Minerals, and the History of Art," that unites geosciences and art history. McCune Bruhn's funded research for the new course included learning to crush and purify lapis lazuli into ultramarine pigment, and visits to several mines and quarries, a German pigment factory, and to painted caves in Spain. She also interviewed artists, paint manufacturers, conservators, materials scientists, archaeologists, and museum curators during course development. She continues to investigate the materials and methods of artists throughout history while also seeking ways to incorporate new technologies into her classroom.

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