The end of statistical significance

The end of statistical significance

This March, readers of Nature were greeted by the headline "Scientists rise up against statistical significance." More than 800 signatories had joined in a call to retire the term "statistically significant," and the case was argued in 43 articles published in a special issue of The American Statistician the same week. What's up, and what's next? Nicole Lazar is a leader in the movement away from hypothesis testing and arbitrary thresholds in scientific statistics. Her work with brain-imaging data is published in psychology journals, where reliance on p-value thresholds has been a source of controversy and confusion for years. She will join us for a discussion of the crisis in inference, and the related challenge of communicating the meaning of research results in a post-p-value world.

Social media hashtag: #EndThresholdStats

Sunday, October 27th, 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm
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Alumni Ballroom ABC, Nittany Lion Inn
Nicole Lazar
  Professor of statistics, University of Georgia