Josh Fischman

Josh Fischman

Senior Editor and Washington Bureau Chief, Scientific American

Josh Fischman is a senior editor at Scientific American magazine, leading a team covering life sciences, earth sciences, and science policy from Washington D.C. His work has been selected for the Best American Science Writing 2012 anthology, and he has won the Blakeslee Award for excellence in medical reporting and many other writing awards. He was deputy editor in chief of Chemical & Engineering News, supervising its worldwide coverage. Previously, he directed technology and science coverage for the Chronicle of Higher Education as a senior editor, was a senior writer and editor at U.S News & World Report, editor-in-chief at Earth, deputy news editor at Science, and a senior editor at Discover. He has spoken about science and technology in appearances ranging from the Consumer Electronics Show to The Weather Channel. Josh is the author of The U.S. News & World Report Ultimate Guide to Medical Schools (Sourcebooks, 2006).


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