Robert Davey

Robert Davey

Scientist, Ewing Halsell Scholar, Chair of V&I | Virology & Immunology

Dr. Davey is interested in understanding how viruses like Ebola virus penetrate the cell membrane and establish infection. In addition, the Davey laboratory has developed safe, efficient, high-throughput screening techniques for Ebola virus and performs contract work on testing drugs and compounds against Ebola virus infection in the BSL-4 maximum containment laboratory. This work has resulted in exciting findings towards potential drug candidates to combat Ebola virus. Dr. Davey has been working with:

  • Filoviruses: Ebola virus, Marburg virus
  • Lassa fever virus
  • Bunyaviruses: Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus

Dr. Davey contributes more than 25 years of expertise in virology and has been studying Ebola virus since 2006; his recent work has been published in high-impact journals that include PLoS Pathogens, PNAS and a cover feature in Science.


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