Mark Riedl

Mark Riedl

Associate professor, School of Interactive Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology

Mark Riedl is director of Georgia Tech’s Entertainment Intelligence Lab. His research focuses on the intersection of artificial intelligence, virtual worlds, and storytelling. Riedl's primary research contributions are in the area of artificial intelligence approaches to automated story generation and interactive storytelling for entertainment, education, and training. The goal of his narrative intelligence research is to discover new computational algorithms and models that can facilitate the development of intelligent computer systems that can reason about narrative in order to be better communicators, entertainers, and educators. Riedl earned a PhD degree in 2004 from North Carolina State University. Before arriving at Georgia Tech in 2007, he was a Research Scientist at the University of Southern California Institute for Creative Technologies. He has been the recipient of a DARPA Young Faculty Award and an NSF CAREER Award.


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