Adam Urbach

Adam Urbach

Professor of chemistry, Trinity University

Adam R. Urbach is Professor of Chemistry at Trinity University. A native Texan, he took to science and technology at an early age. At the University of Texas at Austin, his fascination for organic chemistry was kindled by Prof. Jonathan Sessler, first in class and then in undergraduate research on the chemical synthesis of porphyrins and expanded porphyrins. Urbach pursued graduate studies in chemistry at Caltech under Prof. Peter B. Dervan, studying the molecular recognition of DNA with small molecules. He then studied nanoscience and protein biophysics under Prof. George Whitesides at Harvard University as an NIH Postdoctoral Fellow before joining the faculty at Trinity University, a primarily undergraduate, liberal arts institution. Over the past twelve years, Prof. Urbach has developed a research program in the area of bioorganic chemistry, focused on the molecular recognition of peptides and proteins with synthetic receptors, and funded by the National Science Foundation, Welch Foundation, Research Corporation, Dreyfus Foundation, and American Chemical Society. Urbach recently completed a term a vice-chair and then chair of the faculty senate at Trinity.


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