Power Pitch, the sequel

Welcome to Power Pitch 2010. Once again, you'll have the opportunity to sit across from the editor of your dreams and talk about story ideas. It's just like speed dating. Put on your best face and sell yourself and your stories to the editor sitting across the table. Each session lasts seven minutes. That's plenty of time for several well-honed pitches. Editors like these sessions because they're a good way to meet new writers and a good way to give a spiel about their publication. Writers enjoy them because it's nice to have personal time with editors.

Writers and editors will meet one-on-one for seven minutes, during which time writers will dazzle editors with their ideas. Space is limited. Attendees interested in participating must attend a short sign-up process held on-site prior to the session.

Sign Up Process: 7:30 AM, Saturday, November 6, Church Room

Yes, we know it's early, but if you want to attend the Power Pitch and have a date with an editor, you are required to attend this sign up session.

To ensure that we maximize the number of attendees that get to pitch to editors, this session has to operate like a well-oiled machine. We thought about letting you loose on the editors in a frenzy for entertainment value, but instead settled on a sign up system.

If you want to pitch you MUST be present at the Church Room PROMPTLY at 7:30 a.m. on Saturday morning, November 6. Upon entering you will draw a number. At 7:35, sign ups will begin, with lowest # first. You will be called by number and asked to sign up for one or two 10 minute slots with different editor(s) of your choice. Please sign up legibly and quickly on the large pads. Have a third and even fourth option in mind, as slots may very well fill quickly.

If you are not present when your number is called, your place will be forfeited. If you arrive after 7:35, you will draw a number from a jar with a higher set of #'s. All sign-ups will be complete by 8AM in time for the NASW business meeting.

The session itself begins at 11:15 AM.