Emily Singer

Position/Organization: biomedical editor, Technology Review

Emily Singer is the biomedical editor at Technology Review, an international magazine and website affiliated with MIT. Her 2008 feature “Brain Trauma in Iraq” won an Eddie award from Folio magazine for best single article in a consumer or technology magazine. Prior to joining Technology Review four years ago, Emily freelanced for Nature, New Scientist and the Los Angeles Times. She has won fellowships from the Coalition for the Advancement of Science Writing, the American Academy of Neurology and the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Info for those attending the Power Pitch:
The best way to start writing for Technology Review is to pitch stories for our website, which covers emerging technologies in biotech, medicine, materials, energy and IT. The ideal TR pitch will be timely, have a strong emerging technology angle, and be of interest to a general reader. Explaining how emerging science and technology will affect society and industry is central to our coverage.

The best way to get a feel for TR is to check out the website. We cover journal papers, new start-ups, off-the-news type stories, etc. These stories must explain how the technology works, without getting too technical or too hand-wavy. You must have experience writing science and technology news stories and you must be able to make technical subjects accessible. We generally don’t cover basic science research or technologies that would only be of interest to specialists.

Our web stories are 500 or 800 words, with typically a two to three day turnaround time. I focus mainly on our biomedical coverage, but if you have pitches for other subject areas, I can pass them on to the appropriate editor.