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In addition, the following sessions will be tweeted:
Saturday, November 2
9:15 am to 10:30 am
A4) Online and offline tools for mastering your workflow
11:00 am to 12:15 pm
B4)Going tribal: Cultivating community in an isolating profession
1:45-3:00 pm
C2) If you can’t go long, write short

A Space Hangout

This year's science program will include a "Space Hangout "on Sunday afternoon. Fraser Cain of Universe Today will join Alan Boyle in funneling questions from the on-site and off-site audiences to George T. Whitesides of Virgin Galactic following his 4:30 pm talk on the future of spaceflight. If you have to leave Gainesville early, feel free to view or participate in the hangout via

The following sessions will be videotaped for potential future use

NASW Workshops (Stay tuned to
A3) Becoming a backpack PIO
B4) Going tribal: Cultivating community in an isolating profession
C3) Show me the money
D1) The XX question

New Horizons Sessions (Stay tuned to
--"From Haiti to the Hajj," the session on emerging pathogens at 9:30 am Sunday. This session will feature a special dialogue with the speakers on the challenges of communicating the science of emerging diseases, led by Maryn McKenna.
--"Simplicity, Surprise, Science," George M. Whitesides' Patrusky Lecture at 10:45 am Sunday.

We also have coverage of several workshop sessions in the past events section of the NASW website.

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