C1) Science News, Spot News, or Both? Managing and Covering Science Protests

Saturday, October 15th, 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm
HCCC Agassiz
Andy Dworkin
Jim Dwyer
Jim Newman
Michael Newman
Earle Holland
Emily Caldwell

Part of the public information officer (PIO) role is helping an institution manage science-related crises, especially those that attract media attention. These can range from animal rights protests to academic misconduct accusations to mistakes in patient care. In this session, we'll hear from professionals who have experienced both sides of these crises: PIOs who have weathered protests over primate research and the investigation of the World Trade Center collapse and the reporters who covered these issues. Beyond the war stories, this session will explore what PIOs and reporters can and should expect from each other under these circumstances. Before the conference, go to http://scienceorspotnews.wordpress.com for background reading materials on the two cases that will be discussed in this session.