Roxanne Khamsi

Roxanne Khamsi

Nature Medicine

Roxanne Khamsi is chief news editor of Nature Medicine in New York. Before joining the journal, she worked as an online reporter for
New Scientist, writing daily stories about biomedical research. Her articles have also appeared in publications such as The Economist, Wired News and the MIT Technology Review.

What Nature Medicine is looking for:
We're looking for news stories that focus on policy changes and business developments that
affect biomedicine. Pitches should highlight a news peg from the last few weeks, but the story
should be about a broader biomedical trend. Our features focus on hot topics in biomedical
research and should follow the narrative of a researcher involved in the field. If you'd like to
pitch a feature, please tell us
1) whom you would write about (this could also be a specific team)
2) why the scientist’s research is relevant at this very moment and
3) how the story is exclusive.

Please note that we tend to accept feature pitches from journalists who have already
written at least a couple of news pieces for the journal, so it's great to start out with news story

Our core readership is made up of biomedical researchers, along with some patient advocates,
doctors, entrepreneurs and policymakers, so think about what might be of interest to
them. Please do not pitch stories about individual findings (single-paper studies); we cover
these items in our Biomedical Briefing pages and they are written in-house by Nature
Medicine staff. Also, please do not pitch stories that have already been written up in the major
newspapers or wires. We're looking for fresh ideas that bring something very new to our



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