Joe Hanson, Ph.D.

Joe Hanson, Ph.D.

Blogger/host, It’s Okay To Be Smart, on PBS Digital Studios

Joe is host and writer of It’s Okay To Be Smart, a YouTube science series from PBS Digital Studios, and his blog, He was a 2013 AAAS Mass Media Fellow at Wired magazine, and his work has been featured on the Scientific American guest blog and published in Open Lab.

Joe earned his doctoral degree in cell and molecular biology from the University of Texas at Austin. His mission in life is to tell the world about the awesomeness of ALL THE SCIENCE. We live in the future, and that future is one in which science impacts every part of our lives. But too many people aren’t taking part in that future. Too many aren’t taking part in science. We must teach science as more than facts. It’s a creative process, it’s an instant injection of wonderment, it’s the excitement we feel at the edge of knowledge. It’s for everyone. Joe says, “I'm working to change the way science is communicated and restore it to its rightful place."

Connect with him on Twitter @jtotheizzoe.
Joe lives in Austin, Texas, with two adorable dogs and one beautiful wife.


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