B3) How to Sell That Story You Can't Let Go

Saturday, October 15th, 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm
HCCC Agassiz
David Dobbs
Hillary Rosner
Mark Schrope
Paige Williams
Tom Zoellner
Jill Adams
Jill Adams
Hillary Rosner

What can freelance science journalists do when they find a great story but can't sell it — and aren’t willing to give it up? Most of us have been there before: convinced of a story's importance, itching to tell it, unable to find it a home. Maybe it’s not quite right for our regular outlets. Maybe it’s just not an obvious sell — no upending of basic tenets about carbon-based life forms, no famous novelists who were also lepidopterists, no cancer-curing robots. How can we make sure our worthwhile stories are sold and told? This workshop will feature five seasoned journalists who will share what they did when their usual roads were blocked and how they persevered to write the stories they believed.