Cynthia Graber

Freelance print and radio journalist

Cynthia Graber is a radio and print journalist who covers science, technology, agriculture, and any other stories in the U.S. or abroad that catch her fancy. She's won a number of national awards for her radio documentaries, including the AAAS Kavli Science Journalism Award.

Following a masters in science journalism at Boston University, she spent five years as a reporter/producer for the public radio show Living on Earth, and then moved on to work with the show the World Vision Report, which was canceled in 2011. Her documentaries have also appeared on Studio 360, The World, and Latino USA, and she's a regular podcaster for Scientific American's 60-Second Science. Her print work has appeared in magazines including the Boston Globe Sunday Magazine, Scientific American, and She's also covered science for a variety of children's magazines, including Muse, Ask, and Ranger Rick.

Cynthia is currently a Knight Science Journalism fellow at MIT.