Poverty, health and industrial hog production

Sunday, October 28th, 9:30 am - 10:30 am
Room 302BC
Steve Wing

In the 1990s industrial-scale hog farming exploded across Eastern North Carolina, a high-poverty and environmentally sensitive region, making the state the second-largest pork producer in the country. The growth of large hog operations has now been slowed, but the environmental effects persist. For Steve Wing, the region provides a case study in the public-health challenges of poor communities. Lack of access to clinical services makes it harder to document health problems; powerful interests threaten researchers and access needed for research; and the prospect of reprisals or intimidation discourages workers and residents from participating in studies designed to document exposures and their health effects. Wing and his colleagues have combined old-fashioned community organizing with novel and high-tech methods for doing epidemiology in this daunting environment.

Attendees who register at the CASW website can download background material and the presentation at http://casw.org/epidemiology/new-horizons-science-2012/briefs/poverty-he....