A2) The 2012 Election: Covering Environment, Health, Science & Politics

Saturday, October 27th, 9:15 am - 10:30 am
Amy Harder
Curtis Brainard
Juliet Eilperin
Peggy Girshman
Cristine Russell
Cristine Russell
Curtis Brainard

ObamaCare. Keystone XL. Climate change. Evolution. The hyper-partisan 2012 election battle has brought controversial issues of science, energy, environment and health to the forefront of American electoral politics as never before. Traditionally, political writers dominate campaign coverage, while science writers provide the “sidebar” story. But the emergence of 24/7 online news coverage and blogging by mainstream and specialty media provides more opportunity for covering the science behind the news and digging into the often-inaccurate or biased information churned out by candidates and their advocates. This workshop will provide tips for getting science writing into the front lines of political journalism.