Teresa Neilsen Hayden

Position/Organization: community manager, BoingBoing

Teresa Nielsen Hayden is a former Managing Editor and for many years has been a consulting editor for Tor Books. In 2006, Robert Charles Wilson's Spin, which she edited, won the Hugo Award for best novel of the year. She herself has been nominated for the Hugo five times, most recently for her essay collection Making Book. Since 1998, she has taught expository theory and cheap plot tricks at the annual Viable Paradise writers’ workshop on Martha’s Vineyard. In 2003, she invented disemvowelling. She has become something of an authority on moderation and online community, and is equally proud of having overseen (1.) the reboot of comments and online community at Boing Boing; and (2.) a comment thread about copyright and fanfic that stayed civil and on-topic for over 800 messages on her own weblog, Making Light. She is currently a consultant on ebook conversion issues for Macmillan’s Digital Development department.