Profitable freelancing: Starting a business and keeping it productive

Saturday, November 6th, 9:15 am - 10:45 am
College Room
Amber Dance
Christopher Mims
John Pavlus
Jeffrey Perkel
Jeffrey Perkel
Jeffrey Perkel

Freelance writers wear many hats: Writer and editor; CEO and employee; treasurer and accountant. Your job: Fill each role as efficiently as possible to maximize time in Writer (read: money-making) mode. You'll need to be productive. There's no shortage of advice out there, so you've got to be selective: Narrow focus on productivity can be, well, counterproductive. This panel will address workable productivity 'hacks' freelancers can implement, both online and off, to establish and sustain their freelance business with maximal efficiency and minimal fuss.

This workshop will include both a panel discussion and audience Q&A. An online survey, conducted in advance of the meeting, will inform the conversation, and tips and tricks from both the presenters and the audience will be made available to the community-at-large via a blog specifically set up for this session.