New funding models for journalism

Saturday, November 6th, 4:15 pm - 6:00 pm
College Room
Melissa Bailey
Roger Cohn
John Mecklin
Karl Leif Bates
Karl Leif Bates

When computer sellers went online, science sections died. And when the auto dealerships closed, whole newspapers went under. What's journalism's next source of support? Three editors of online publications being run on a mixture of foundations, individual donors, and yes, even advertising, discuss their experiences so far in the new media world. Will science journalism be only as good as its foundation backing? Is there room for science stories in a 'hyper-local' product? Hear about these emerging life forms and join a freewheeling discussion of what might be better, or worse, about these novel sources of support.

Each of the three editors will conduct a brief show-and-tell of their sites and discuss the history of how they got started, their funding model, and where they'd like to be. We will leave ample time for discussion, so come prepared!