Get the numbers right: A workshop on reporting statistics

Saturday, November 6th, 11:15 am - 12:45 pm
Chapel Room
Andrew Gelman
Tom Siegfried
Stephen Ornes
Stephen Ornes

Stumped by statistical significance? Rusty on relative risk? ‘Orrified by odds ratios? The ability to understand, interpret and report on statistics is a valuable tool in every science writer’s toolbox. This hands-on workshop will give attendees a crash course in reading the numbers in scientific papers—and figuring out what they mean. From a leading statistician, we’ll hear stories of statistics use and abuse from the research trenches; from a veteran writer and editor we’ll learn about reporting issues that arise in the interpretation of statistical significance. And from a fact-checker we’ll get some take-home tips.

Two leaders in their field (and a fact-checker) discuss the same issue: First, Columbia statistician Andrew Gelman talks about statistical significance and gives examples of their use and abuse. Next, Tom Siegfried from Science News talks about reporting issues related to statistical significance. Finally, Stephen Ornes gives practical advice on how to report odds ratios and relative risk, and moderates the exercises.