Data visualization for reporting and storytelling

Saturday, November 6th, 4:15 pm - 6:00 pm
Peter Aldhous
Eric Hand
David Harris
David Harris
David Harris

2010 has been the year of data journalism: the use of data sets to uncover, report, and present stories.
An increasing number data sets of increasing size are now available to reporters and writers, especially for economic and political data but also scientific data. This session will explore how you can make the most use of data to report and tell stories visually.

Panelists experienced in computer-assisted reporting and mining data for stories will join experts in telling stories using large data sets to illuminate best practices and reveal how the data flood can help break stories and tell them effectively.

The panel will use case studies to explain new ways to approach the craft and then will synthesize their experience to highlight best practice and provide tips for those who are hoping to use these relatively new techniques for reporting and storytelling.

The session will include a series of mini-tutorials showing different techniques you can easily use to get started with your own data journalism.