Civics of science: Literacy and the collapse of science journalism

Saturday, November 6th, 11:15 am - 12:45 pm
College Room
Carolyn L. Funk
Jon Miller
Chris Mooney
Nancy Shute
Tabitha M. Powledge
Lynne Friedmann
Rick Borchelt
Lynne Friedmann

One of the enduring themes in the discussion of consequences from the current slump in science journalism is the presumed importance of science journalism to creating an informed, science-literate public. Is there in fact a case to be made that the disappearance of science from the nation’s newspapers, magazines, and television will drag down already lagging science literacy? Many nonprofits and advocacy groups are funding science journalism under this assumption. Or are the legacy media a spectacularly poor remedial education tool that follows, but doesn’t improve, science literacy? How will (or simply will) science literacy be affected by the proliferation of science in the new media? Join this Agronsky & Co. style discussion with science journalists and social scientists to explore these issues.